Are you ever naughty? Sometimes, I bet! Well, little Miss Naughty was naughty all the time. She awoke one Sunday morning and looked out of the window. "Looks like a nice day," she thought to herself. And then she grinned. "Looks like a nice day for being naughty," she said. And rubbed her hands!

Little Miss Naughty is the embodiment of the gleeful troublemaker. A trouble maker who knows what she is doing, has a political reason for doing it, and can take joy in the doing. This, you can bet, makes almost everyone uncomfortable...and you could say that this is where the glee comes in. Upsetting the status quo is serious business, but one should never lose the ability to take joy from seeing them squirm.

Little Miss Naughties are obstreperous. They are loudly resisting control and management. Little Miss Naughties are in-your-face, feisty, difficult, obstinate, contrary, noisy, clamorous, boisterous, vociferous, sassy, stubborn, un-compromising, confronting, uppity, mad and unruly. They may think of themselves--or they may be called -- "uptight", "humourless", "anti-male", "bulldaggers", " ball breakers", "bolsheis", "too-big-for-her-boots", "frigid" usually-accompanied-by "bitch", "invert", "witch", "slag", "female supremacist", "unfeminine", "extremist", "castrator",, "nag", "neurotic", "hysterical", "insane", "know-it-all", "man-hater"and many, many, many, many, many more.

Those who have received this award, and the ones who will in the future, have at one time or another earned this award by using their radical feminist politic to take on the staus quo, make them squirm and even taken satisfaction in doing so ... Ahhh the joy of it. Keep up the good work, you make us proud. --Nikki Craft

thanks to jennifer, pippa, del, hannah and even to Roger Hargreaves and his "Mr. Men Library" who invented Little Miss Naughty, unfortunately, so as to reform her even allowing "Mr. Uppity", "Mr. Cleaver" and "Mr. Small" to resort to physical abuse by tweaking her nose each time she did a naughty act until it was a bright red. We create this award as a form of protest against that coercion of Little Miss Naughty. We want Little Miss Naughty's to stay naughty!

What others have said in praise about the Little Miss Naughty Award.

"YAY! I'm a bad grrrl! Little Miss Naughty kicks ass and takes names!"

"YIPPEEE! Wow I need a color printer to get my award to look its best. I am grateful for being so honored with the abundant adjectives. Alway, Miss Naughty"
"OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, seriously love it. she is the cutest thing ... makes one proud to be naughty! AHEM. i would like to thank the academy of naughty grrrrls for giving me the opportunity to express my naughtyness and awarding my efforts....hee hee."
Thanks a lot for the ACLU Little Miss Naughty award. We are SO honored. It's a groovy way to encourage young feminists in their fight for social justice. Rock on!