She was monstrous, a fierce figure of revenge and anger. In pre-Greek days, Nemesis was one of a pair of Great Goddesses, and was worshiped with her sister, Themis.
    In the goddess pantheon, Themis represented what's right, ethics, and moral and social order. The indigo-garbed Nemesis stepped in to torment those who violated those rules and social order that Themis represented, including a disruption of the patriarchal balance of terror.
    The power of Nemesis was the force of justice itself. But whereas Justice under the patriarchal system is depicted as a blindfolded woman holding a sword and scales, in contrast, Nemesis, the Goddess of Divine retribution, has her eyes open and uncovered -- including her Third Eye, but especially the eyes in the back of her head.

Nemesis statue, near Angoulême, France.

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