November 24, 1991

Dear Friends,

We, the ACLU (Always Causing Legal Unrest, not to be confused with the American Civil Liberties Union), are an organization of concerned people attempting to change attitudes by working outside the law through civil disobedience to educate people about pornography, sexual and media exploitation of women and children and free speech.
     Margaret Pena, Legislative Director of the American Civil Liberties Union said, "In a democratic society, having the press free from governmental intrusion is essential. Anytime you tie the hands of the press, you tie the hands of democracy." Well, guess what, we got a press!
     Now, there are no laws to prohibit freedom of the press and we have heard from the American Civil Liberties Union that anyone has the right to print anything they want to. That is why we have printed this American Civil Liberties Union stationery to distribute throughout the country for people to express themselves on. Obviously this stationery could be used to write the media, pornographers, and even legislators and the government. In fact, the A.C.L.U. could possibly be misrepresented in such a way that might be harmful to their group. But, even still there is no conclusive research--no causal effect--to suggest that such a usage would cause harm, really.
     We of course are not giving it away for that purpose and could not take responsibility for what it might inspire someone to do. We are selling it as art and entertainment, to be hung on the wall.
     Please realize there is no attempt to defraud the A.C.L.U. or profit from this stationery. We have no malicious intent, only a desire to further discussion about the first amendment and responsibilities regarding it. Enjoy.

Always Causing Legal Unrest,

P.S. Please feel free to copy and express yourself on this blank ACLU stationery.