Why I created the Andrea Dworkin Online Library:

When I got on the Internet in the early 90s, I quickly realized that Andrea Dworkin was mentioned on nearly every newsgroup that discussed pornography, sexual abuse, censorship, or women's rights. There were literally thousands of posts about her. Usually the same derogatory remarks were repeated by rote, and the same few sentences quoted out of context, often times by people who vilified Andrea Dworkin but had never read her. Yet none of Andrea's own writings were anywhere to be found on the Net.

With pornographers and defenders of pornography abounding on the Net (hell, the little punk Jake Baker, the student who named one of his female classmates in a brutal Amercan Psycho-esque rape-murder scenario, had three web archive spaces, one even posted about where to send money for his defense), it became obvious to me that Andrea needed a web site of her own.

But Andrea herself is not online. She bangs away into the wee hours of the morning on a damned IBM Selectric, and she hasn't shown even the vaguest interest in getting a PC. IMHO she's technologically impaired ;-) Besides, she's busy working on her next book. No, Andrea Dworkin would never do her own home page. So with Andrea's best wishes, I decided to take this project on myself, the most complicated first attempt at a home page that I could imagine.

Now there's the Andrea Dworkin Online Library, and you can browse for yourself. Check out selections from her most important nonfiction books. Read excerpts from her novels and short stories. Get the texts of some of her most powerful speeches, articles, and interviews. Follow her op-ed pieces in solidarity with Nicole Brown Simpson. Access Andrea's autobiography, her life and work in her own words. Look up the actual text of the antipornography civil rights ordinance she coauthored. You could be surprised at what you'll find here.

Every photo and every button on this homepage leads somewhere interesting and exciting. Please take some time to explore.

Nikki Craft

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