REPKA: Regional Pedophile Killer Association
Paedo Killer Song
Another "Discussion" Group (sort of like NAMBLA)
We are an oppressed minority.
We break no laws.
We Defend our rights to Fantasy and Free Speech.
We need your support!

Of course we would NEVER really KILL one, but let's create a safe place within our community for a discussion about -- and an intellectual consideration of -- the potential for positive social impacts if all the pedophiles were dead.

and about our various weapon options. Let's fantasize about REPKA member's individual preferences about what we'd like to do if we could get our hands on these guys.

Of course, we are only discussing consensual killing. When REPKA is finished with em (only in our minds, of course), they’ll wish they were dead. They’ll be beggin' to die, if you know what we mean.

REPKA encourages experimenting with truly transgressive sexual remedial politics.

As NAMBLA claims, our organization, too, can have a "palliative influence on behavior". By enjoying an active, vivid imagination our members, if they are free to imagine how fun it would be to put a bullet behind the ear of some pedophile, that they are less likely to commit any real act of violence against one; unlike those lone and alienated pedophile haters who could act out their harmless fantasies in the real world.

A version of this REPKA ad first appeared as part of an article by Nikki Craft entitled "So Much Slime. So Little Time: The Transgression of Pro-Feminism". The article first was published in Changing Men (C-Men) Magazine which was, at that time, the quarterly publication for National Organization for Men Against Sexism (N.O.M.A.S ). The article, and ad, were written in protest of C-Men's “Sex and Sexuality” issue where they ran an actual advertisement for the infamous organization of boy-“lovers” named NAMBLA (North America Man/Boy Love Association) and a brother "girl love" organization, along with pro-pedophile fantasies and sado-"masochist" materials.
After the article had been published the editor wrote in public correspondence to hundreds of his pro-feminist pals that when he was being confronted by Nikki Craft about the pedophile ads that had appeared in his magazine, he had felt like the lone student holding his ground in front of the military tank in Tiananmen Square.
     Get a grip, boys.

    To join REPKA and receive a membership card--and to support this website--send a $25.00 donation to ACLU., P.O. Box 2085, Rancho Cordova, California 95741-2085. Include $5.00 for 3 inch REPKA button.

Wouldn’t you know it? Our REPKA anthem basks in the spirit of freedom, liberty and artistic expression. Just as Ice T’s popular "Cop Killer" warns racist cops to lay off, REPKA sends the same ominous notification to the exploitive men who target children. Shuck off those censorious attitudes and that liberal timidity and rap along with us!

High quality mp3 of "Paedo Killer" (3.1 Mb)

Low quality mp3 of "Paedo Killer" (1.35 Mb)

    Lyrics by Buck Naked
    Music by Dominic Fox, of w/trem

These sound files are work in progress. Check back for the final anthem to be posted soon. We welcome your feedback.

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