The Mush Award
The Mush Award (Merchant United to Save Hustler), a 16 inch golden dildo that ejaculated a mixture of Cream of Wheat and Buttermilk (Mush) was presented to various convenience stores that continued to sell Hustler magazine so as to give them public recognition for their brave stands in defending men's rights to use and degrade women. The award reads "M.U.S.H. MERCHANTS UNITED TO SAVE HUSTER. CENSORSHIP SILENCES: OUR GOAL IS NOT TO SILENCE 1984 PREYING MANTIS WOMEN'S BRIGADE".

Pimp: Ann Simonton
Photo: Nikki Craft

Art Work: by Brian
Concept: Nikki Craft

In one Preying Mantis action in front of a convenience store in Santa Cruz, California, Ann Simonton, dressed as a pimp, works an bilge pump (as used on sailing boats) in her right hand while reading pornography aloud. The M.U.S.H. Award ejaculates Cream of Wheat and buttermilk (mush) over the display or pornography as customers go in. Quite a scene. We felt the store deserved such an award because they had previously agreed not to sell Hustler and it was later discovered they were selling it to customers from behind the counter. After receiving the reward, with many demonstrators outside, the store quickly agreed once more to support the boycott of Huster. Nikki Craft, with knee pads and a monks robe began her pilgrimage.

Preying Mantis destroyed over 550 Hustler magazines and succeeded in getting over 21 stores to agree to stop selling Hustler. These actions were in retaliation for Hustler specifically for running hateful "Wanted" posters for Gloria Steinhem and Susan Brownmiller.