Books Written by Andrea Dworkin

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Scapegoat : The Jews, Israel, and Women's Liberation by Andrea Dworkin (June 2000)

HEARTBREAK: The Political Memoir of A Feminist Militant by Andrea Dworkin (February 2002)

In Harm's Way : The Pornography Civil Rights Hearings
by Catharine A. MacKinnon(Editor), Andrea Dworkin (Editor). February 1998) 

Intercourse (Free Press Paperbacks) by Andrea Dworkin (March 1997) 

Letters from a War Zone
by Andrea Dworkin. (May 1993) 

Life and Death : Unapologetic Writings on the Continuing War Against Women
by Andrea Dworkin.

by Andrea Dworkin. (September 1991) 

The New Womans Broken Heart : Short Stories
by Andrea Dworkin. (March 1980) 

Pornography : Men Possessing Women
by Andrea Dworkin. (November 1991) 

Woman Hating; A Radical Look at Sexuality
by Andrea Dworkin. (December 1991) 

Out of Print but can sometimes be special ordered through

Ice and Fire : A Novel
by Andrea Dworkin. 

Letters from a War Zone : Writings, 1976-1989
by Andrea Dworkin. 

Our Blood / Andrea Dworkin.
by Andrea Dworkin. 

Our Blood : Prophecies and Discourses on Sexual Politics
by Andrea Dworkin. 

Right-Wing Women
by Andrea Dworkin. 

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