Stop McDonalds Animation
I am scared and don't want to die.

Please do an action with me in memory of this terrified little cow videoed being electric prodded into the slaughter house to her own death. ~nikki craft

Printable copy.

By not buying the clowns lies you can:

*You can improve your own health!

*You can help save the environment!

*You can help stop cruelty to animals!

Don't get tricked
by the clown
or his ads

and 'free' toys!
Want to do an action against McDonalds in your neighborhood? Here's an idea. Take the large version of this McDonalds image reproduced below. Print it *HIGH QUALITY* on your own printer or at a copy store. Use thick photo quality paper so the print will look slick and hopefull even coated. Take it to your neighborhood McDonalds and tape them on the windows from the inside so that it appears to be their own advertisement. Try doors. Put them up in a way so they might be overlooked by store employees for a while. Walk thru the location during very busy times and dress in the same colors as the McDonald's employees wear (not so obviously so that you will attract the attention of management thought) and walk around the tables and ask people if they got their placemats yet. Try in a non aggressive helpful way to lift their cardboard containers of so-called food and put it underneath for them. Walk thru the parklot and put them on car windows. Stand at the outside of the door as people leave and look like a greeter and nicely give them a folded version to take to the car with them. You might get away with this for a while if you stand away from cameras and act very accomodating to everyone leaving the resturant as if you are giving them a years supply of green stamps or some equivalent. Tape them on bathroom mirrors and to the back of the stall doors. Where ever you put them make them look like an employee placed them there, straight and nice and neat with the tape on just right. You should be able to hit each mcdonalds a few times and when they are on to you then go to another one a few miles away. Pass this url on to your friends and networks. Thank you.

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