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I'm scared and I don't want to die. [Action against McDonalds! added july 18, 2009]

What's Wrong With Ronald McDonald?

Ronald Lies To Children!

*McDonald's food is not Healthy.

*McDonald's doesnŐt treat animals very well.

*McDonalds doesn't care about the environment.

*McDonald's won't pay workers well for really hard work.

Ronald damages the earth!

Natural forests are cut down for space to raise cows to 'make' meat, or to make paper for packaging. 'Fast food' packaging, whether paper or plastic, is thrown away as trash. It's not even recycled—what a waste.

Ronald murders animals!
Millions of chickens, cows and pigs are cruelly imprisoned and then killed to make meat for burgers and McNuggets--but we don't have to eat meat at all!

Ronald harms your health!
'Junk food' (like hamburgers, shakes and fries) is not good for you. It has lots of fat, sugar, salt and additives in it, but little fresh fruit, vegetables, or salad.

Ronald robs the poor!
Lots of land in poor countries is used for cows, or to grow grain for cows, so hungry people can't grow food for themselves.

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What you can do?

*Don't believe corporate lies. They want to make money off you and most often your welfare isnŐt any concern of theirs.

*Educate yourself about what healthy eating is.

*Tell your friends about the harm McDonald's does. Make copies of this flier and pass it out at your school and to your friends and family

*You can eat healthy foods.

*You can boycott McDonalds! Don't give them your money.

By not buying the clowns lies you can:

*You can improve your own health!

*You can help save the environment!

*You can help stop cruelty to animals!

Don't get tricked
by the clown
or his ads

and 'free' toys!

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