Now Penthouse Magazine can be accurately labeled
with this attractive, magenta, high-gloss adhesive sticker.

We've heard that some people will be using these stickers to seal Penthouse magazines at convenience stores, news stands and even at their boyfriends' houses.
     Many altered magazines will be sold without the dealer or the buyer noticing the enhancement. The adhesive has a "locking" effect that rips a magazine when removed. Guaranteed to ruin a rape fantasy, the torn cover is aesthetically displeasing, and many magazines will be returned to the publisher for a refund (tut, tut).


"The Penthouse Rape Manual Stickers are a wonderful way to express yourself if ya don't happen to own a printing press."
          --Gale Warnings, Tampa, Florida

"I have a counter porno-power fantasy about The Rape Manual Stickers I'd like to share. It always begins with women calling their local stores to find out when the next month's Penthouse will be delivered. Before going into the store they bend back the corners and peel away the backing of the stickers. Then one person distracts the store clerk while others go to the magazine racks and have their way with the Penthouses. "While appearing to look at the cover of the magazine they cuddle the label in the palm of the hand. On the surface they appear to be calm, but inside they are burning. Suddenly they clasp the magazine and press the label against it to seal the open side. They rub harder and harder, just right so the label forms a permanent bond. The act is repeated over and over. This is where I always get very excited."
          -- writes an anonymous contributor from Oshkosh, Wisconsin

"When I told a friend (he's in the ACLU) about the Penthouse Rape Manual Stickers he said I shouldn't even think of doing anything to those poor, poor, magazines. So, I told him, I said, "Oh, don't get so upset Harold. After all, you know it's only a fantasy."
          -- Helen Highwater, Galveston, Texas

Yesss! I demand that Penthouse be made to stick to the truth!

Order 150 stickers for 25.00. To place your order write: ACLU Marketplace

All proceeds go to topple the Guccione empire.
We realize that some persons might use these stickers for illegal purposes and can take no responsibility for what they might inspire someone to do.
We sell them as art and entertainment.

This was originally a Citizen For Media Responsibility direct action (Circa 1985) and now, because of our strong commitment to free speech, the stickers are still made available through the ACLU.

Please post and reprint this freely.

If you should need incentive.

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